A downloadable game

Gradus is a simple experimental game where you can make towers rise and fall with a simple click. The towers have a natural tendency to recede, and crumble when they've reached their apex, so that the surface of nodes is an ever-changing structure with sounds that evolve along with the player experience.

There's no real challenge or objective - but me and my 2 buds hope you'll appreciate it. Don't hesitate to leave feedback in the comments, we would love to hear it ! Also follow our Twitter, @TeamGradus ! That way we can swear to love you forever and we'll tell you what we're up regularly.

GRADUS Team is comprised Antoine Gilles (@Sikuall), Jeremie Tordjman (@Rageremie), and Fabien Calendrier (@Fabayou).


Gradus.rar 25 MB